Prof. Wonho Jhe



Present Position

Professor of Physics Department, Seoul National University (April 2002- )

Director of Center for Near-field Atom-Photon Technology (Oct. 1997 – 2006)

Director of Center for Nano-liquid (2007 – 2012)

Director of Institute of Applied Physics, Seoul National University (March 2013-)


Current Address

Center for Nano-liquid                                        Office: + 82 2 880 6600

Department of Physics & Astronomy            Fax: + 82 2 882 0246

Seoul National University                                   Email:

Seoul 151-742, Korea                                         URL:



B.S.     Seoul National University (Feb. 1982)

M.S.     Seoul National University (Feb. 1984)

Ph.D.   Yale University (May 1989)

Thesis Title: “Study of Cavity-Induced Effects on an Atomic System:

Inhibition of Spontaneous Emission”

Thesis Adviser: Prof. Serge Haroche



Post-doctoral Research Associate, Harvard University (Feb. 1989 – Aug. 1992)

Adviser: Prof. Gerald Gabrielse

Visiting Scientific Associate, C.E.R.N., Geneva (June 1990 – Aug. 1992)

Assistant Professor, Seoul National University (Sept. 1992 – August 1996)

Associate Professor, Seoul National University (Oct. 1996 – March 2002)


Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1995)

Visiting Professor, University of Paris Nord (1998)

Visiting Fellow, JILA, University of Colorado (2000-2002)

Visiting Professor, MIT (2002-2004)

Visiting Professor, Harvard University (2006-2007)


Prizes and Fellowship

Visiting Fellow, JILA, (University of Colorado, 2000-2002)

2006 Recipient of the National Academy of Sciences Prize of Korea (2006)

2006 Award of One of 50 Best Research Achievements in Korea, KOSEF (2006)

2007 Award of One of 100 Excellent Research Achievements, KRF (2007)

Fellow, American Physical Society (DAMOP) (2012)

Member, Commissions of AMO Physics, IUPAP (2011-present)


Academic Activities

Associate Member, Int’l Center for Theoretical Phys. (Abdus Salam ICTP),1998~2004

Fellow of Korean Physical Society (KPS)

Fellow of Optical Society of Korea (OSK)

Member of Optical Society of America (OSA)

Int’l Advisory Board Member of the Optics Communications (2003-2009)

Int’l Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Scanning Probe Microscopy (2006)

Editorial Board, Research Letters in Optics (since Jan. 2008)

Editorial Board, International Journal of Optics (since Sept. 2008)


Int’l Program Comm. Member of the Asia Pacific Conf. on Near-field Optics(1994~)

Int’l Advisory Committee Member of the Int’l Conf. on Near Field Optics (1998~)

Int’l Program Committee Member of the Int’l Conf. on Atomic Physics (2000~)



Invited Talks (Selected since 2007)

24th Conference of the EPS Condensed Matter Division (CMD-24), the 29th European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-29), the 11th European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics (ECSCD-11), and the 2012 UK Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Conference (CMMP-12), (Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Sept. 3-7, 2012)

AISAMP 2010 (Seoul, Korea) Ideal Mean-Field Transition in a Modulated Cold Atom System. Oct. 4-9, 2010.

Physics Department Seminar, Michigan State University, Sept. (2010).

Plenary Talk, Seventh Asia-Pacific Conference on Near-Field Optics (APNFO-7), (Nov. 25 – 27, 2009).

Physics Seminar, Harvard University, Jan. 2009.

Physics Department Colloquium, Michigan State University, Nov. (2008).

Invited talk at the Faraday Discussion 141: Water – From Interfaces to the Bulk (8/27-29, 2008, Edinburg).

Invited talk at the March APS meeting (March, 2008)

Invited talk at the Univ. of Florida, USA, “Nonlinear Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Driven Cold Atoms” (Jan. 14, 2008)

Invited Talk at the Second Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, “Water Wire: Formation and Application” (Mount Snow Resort, West Dover, Vermont, October 18 – 21, 2007)

ChinaNANO 2007 – International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, Key Note Speaker, “Optics in the Nanoscale” (June 4 to 6, 2007, Beijing, China)

CLEO-PR 2007, Invited Talk, “Nonlinear Dynamics and Collective Phenomena in Driven Cold Atoms” (Seoul, Aug. 26 – 31, 2007)



Publications (Selected since 2005)

1. Bongsu Kim, et al., Fluctuation-induced nonlinear rheology of hydration layer

Proc. Nat’l. Acad. Sci., 112(51): 15619-15623 (2015)

2. Dorian Gangloff, et al., “Velocity tuning of friction with two trapped”

Nature Physics, 11, 915–919 (2015)

3. Manhee Lee, et al., “Noncontact friction via capillary shear interaction at nanoscale”

Nature Communications, 6, 7359 (2015)

4. Bongsu Kim, et al., “”Energy dissipation of nanoconfined hydration layer: Long-range hydration on the hydrophilic solid surface”

Scientific Reports, 4 (6499) ( 2014)

5. Soyoung Kwon, et al., “Dynamic and static measurement of interfacial capilary forces by a hybrid nanomechanical system”

Nanoscale, 6, 5474-5478 (2014)

6. Gunyoung Lee, et al., “Superwetting of TiO2 by light-induced water-layer growth via delocalized surface electrons”

Proc. Nat’l. Acad. Sci. 111(16) (2014)

7. Jongwoo Kim, et al, “Universal Behavior of Solidity and Stability”

Phys. Chem. Lett. 5, 737-742 (2014) 

8. Bongsoo Kim, et al., “Unified Stress Tensor of the Hydration Water Layer”

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 246102 (2013)

9. Sangmin An, et al., “Low-volume Liquid Delivery for Nanolithography”

Nanoscale 4, 6493 (2012)

10. Donghee Son, et al., “Nanoneedle Transistor-based Sensor”

ACS Nano 5, 3888 (2011)

11. Manhee Lee, Baekman Sung, N. Hashemi and Wonho Jhe, ”Study of a nanoscale water cluster by atomic force microscopy”,

Faraday Disc., 141, 415- 421 (2009)

12. Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging Y. H. Seo and W. Jhe

Reports on Progress in Physics Vol 71, 016101 (Jan. 2008)

13. General theory of amplitude-modulation atomic force microscopy, Manhee Lee and Wonho Jhe

Physical Review Letters Vol.97, 036104 (July 2006)

14. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of Population in a Nonadiabatically Driven Atomic Trap: An Ising-Class Phase Transition, Kihwan Kim, Myoung-Sun Heo, Ki-Hwan Lee, Kiyoub Jang, Heung-Ryoul Noh, Doochul Kim, and Wonho Jhe

Physical Review Letters Vol.96, 150601 (April 2006)

15. Formation, Manipulation, and Elasticity Measurement of a Nanometric Column of Water Molecules, Choe, M.-H. Hong, Y. Seo, K. Lee, G. Kim, Y. Cho, J. Ihm, W. Jhe

Physical Review Letters Vol.95, pp187801 (October 2005)