Nanomeniscus-induced delivery of liquid solutions for diverse nanofiber fabrication

Nano Convergence 2015, 2:13

Sangmin An, Bongsu Kim, Soyoung Kwon, Kunyoung Lee, Jongwoo Kim, Heejoon Ahn and Wonho Jhe

Nanomaterial-delivery fabrication expects high-potential impacts on nanoscience, technology and industry, but still faces limited applicability mainly due to high-field requirement for liquid delivery, complicated intermediate processes, and narrow ink selectivity. Here, we demonstrates a simple, non-template, non-contact and electric field-free fabrication of diverse nanofibers. The process consists of continuous, meniscus-assisted delivery of liquid solutions through a nanoapertured nozzle in ambient conditions, followed by subsequent evaporation of liquid and aggregation of nanoparticle residues. For example, the carbon-nanotube nanofibers of 500 nm diameter exhibit a high shear modulus of ~1.5 GPa and current density up to 10 4 A/cm 2 . The results provide a unique, universal and versatile tool with wide selectivity in both ink and substrate